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                    " The right place...   The right time....   Makes all the difference..."








We hunt the Orvis endorsed hunting grounds located at Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve, located in North Eastern Utah 2.5 hrs from Salt Lake City. The hunting grounds provide a quality wild bird habitat with water, food plots and cover for the growth and reproduction of upland birds. Grounds are are irrigated, cultivated and managed specifically for pheasant and chukar hunting. Offering plenty of birds to hunt by liberating birds into the wild population for each hunt.

Over 3000 acre mix of flat and rolling grain fields, brushy draws, high grasses, Russian olive thickets and reed-filled marshland it offers the wildest pheasant hunting, with terrain for every type of hunter and experience level.

The snowcapped Uinta Mountains to the north, and a panoramic one hundred mile view from the clubhouse, hunter's will enjoy Utah pheasant hunting in some of the most incredible pheasant and chukar country anywhere!

"Professional hunting guides and a world-class gun dog's, hunter's are going to get in a lot of great hunting."

Private and Corporate hunts? if you are planning a private hunt or large corporate hunt of over 100 birds we have special package pricing. the clubhouse has space for meetings, hearty dining, a pro shop and lockers for your gear.

Lodging accommodations and meals for your group can be made as well.

For more information or to book your hunt .


(435) 322-0156

Office Hours

M-F  7:00am - 3:00pm

[email protected]

Guide Pricing:

Max-6 hunters per guide

Half day-$300.00

Full day $500.00

Bird Pricing:

Roosters $37.00

Hens $28.00

Pheasants  (mix bag) $30.00 per bird

Chuckars $20.00